Welcome to Gozo Minor Seminary
All parents of Form 1 students are kindly reminded than they can now buy the school uniform from SWINGER at the Tigrija Palazz in Victoria.

In summer: (from the first day of school till the end of October and from the beginning of May to the end of June)

Seminary white or blue Polo Shirt, grey trousers (not jeans) and a pair of black shoes.

In winter: (from the beginning of November till the end of April)

White Shirt, grey trousers (not jeans), Seminary tie (diagonal black and white stripes), Seminary badge, and grey jersey. In case there is no logo embroidered on the jersey, the Seminary badge should be attached to the jersey. From November till the end of April, all students must wear the blazer. The Seminary badge is attached to the blazer. When the students have PE lessons, they should come to school wearing the track suit instead of the school uniform. Besides, they should wear the Seminary burgundy T-Shirt and the black shorts, and a pair of running shoes. In October and May students are expected to come to school with the school uniform and bring the PE kit and the running shoes with them in a separate bag. The shoes should be such that they do not leave any markings when used during physical activities. Students with marking shoes are not allowed to use the gym.

Students are expected to come to school in full uniform. Students not wearing their full uniform are sent back home to get their full uniform and then come back to school. Students are expected to have clean, combed hair; the hair should be neatly cut without any particular style or designs. The hair should not be bleached or with highlights. Whenever gel is applied it should be very moderate. In case too much gel is used, the student is sent to wash the gel away, or sent home to arrange his hair style in line with school rules and then return back to school. When wearing the seminary uniform, earrings, bracelets, chokers and other such jewellery is not allowed. In case any student is caught wearing any such objects, the student should give these objects to any staff member without expecting to receive them back.